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Back-office solutions

Build flexible
internal solutions.

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Empower your users with smarter processes, while adhering to PCI compliance and privacy laws.
Collaborate with your internal users and ensure you build purpose-fit, agile solutions in an ISO 27001 compliant environment.
Manage privacy policies and keep track of which policies customers have agreed to.
When updating a privacy policy, automatically prompt returning customers to agree to the new operative privacy policy.

Types of back-office solutions.

  • Customer relationship management, CRM

  • Lottery systems

  • Marketing automation

  • Loyalty programs

  • Enterprise-level content management system, CMS

  • Subscription management

  • Business intelligence, reporting and data visualisation

  • Supply chain management

  • Call centre software

  • Sales and services portal

  • Employee communication systems

  • Field service solutions

  • Information management system, IMS

  • Self-service client portal

  • eCommerce transactions data management

  • Logging, monitoring & alerting system


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